SlowBipe R/C Airplane

The slow flying biplane that redefines the way RC trainer airplanes should look and fly.
SlowBipe Air 

MiniBipe (Redesigned Kit Available Now)

  • Wingspan: 18 inches        Length: 23 inches                Weight (ready to fly): 7 oz       
  • Wing Area:190 sq in        Wing Loading: 5.28 oz/ft2          Number of Channels: 3

General information about the SlowBipe (See specific planes below) 

The SlowBipe airplanes have been designed to solve all of the problems associated with leaning to fly an RC airplane today.  Even though the SlowBipe is a great plane to learn on, it is really loved by experienced pilots who just want a really fun plane to fly in a very small area.

  • Current trainer's fly too fast. The SlowBipe can fly as slow as a couple of miles per hour. Airflow off the prop can keep this airplane in the air at near zero airspeed. A beginner needs slow flight to have time to react.
  • Current RC trainer's are underpowered. The SlowBipe can launch straight up out of your hand and climb until it disappears in the sky.
  • Many of the current RC trainer's out there break too easily in a crash. We have tested the SlowBipe by intentionally crashing it, and have a difficult time breaking it. Powered dives into the ground will still do some damage, but with power off, damage is minimal to non existent. The motor is well protected from damage in a crash.
  • Many airplanes designed as an RC trainer require replacement parts from a hobby shop. We have been able to repair any crash damage we have incurred using 5 minute epoxy glue. These repairs take less time than changing out the parts on a hobby shop box trainer. We offer replacement parts should you really need them.
  • Current trainer's can be hard to land. If you turn off the power on the SlowBipe in forward flight, it will glide easily down to a gentle landing on the ground. See our flight video for a demonstration.
  • Current trainer's have small control surfaces and don't respond quickly to inputs or when negotiating wind. The SlowBipe has an oversized elevator and rudder to allow this RC airplane to respond under any conditions.
  • Many of the current "ready to fly" trainer's use brushed motor technology and non-reusable radio systems. 
  • Current trainer's need lots of space to fly in. This is a great airplane to fly low and slow.

The SlowBipe has quality built in.  Even the kit version comes with control horns and control rods.  Wings, horizontal stabilizer, rudder and wing struts are precision machine cut from 6 mm Model Plane Foam.  Fuselage is precision cut as well and easily accepts Krylon Short Cuts and H20 paints.

SlowBipe Air
$49.95 + $10 Shipping

Feel free to visit our retailer Heads Up RC. You can purchase from them or purchase from us.  They offer a power package that is designed for the MiniBipe

The MiniBipe Kit builds to an 18 inch span version of the SlowBipe.  It is very robust and can take a pretty good hit before getting damaged.  Please see our Video's page for flight video of the MiniBipe.

This plane is hand launched and belly landed and does so easily on grass.  It slows down so much for landing that it will almost land itself.

Additional Items Needed to Build and Fly from Kit

  • Radio Control Tx and Rx
  • 50 to 70 watt low kv brushless motor (about a 20g - 25g motor works well)
  • 10 amp or similar brushless ESC
  • 2 Servos (Holes are cut to fit Tower Pro or Hxt 5g)
  • 450 mah to 750 mah 2 - 3 cell lipo battery pack; I use a 450 mah 3 cell from
  • Propeller (7 - 9 inch propeller depending on battery pack and motor)
  • A charger for your flight battery if you do not have one
  • Glue (5 minute epoxy, Wood Glue (Tightbond)

CG Location: Marked with hole in bottom of fuselage

Please contact us for shipping costs to non continental U.S. locations.

Replacement parts for the MiniBipe coming soon to this site.

MiniBipe Construction Manual

Build Video by CrashCast

Thank you so much to the CrashCast for putting together an excellent video on building the MiniBipe. I recommend that you view this video especially if you are new to building or setting up radio control airplanes.  Feel free to skip forward to parts that you may need help with.  There is also a great introduction to the plane at the beginning to see if it is something for you.

SlowBipe Air
Unpainted StuntBipe ARF Kit
Suggested Retail $109.99

(Currently not available)

We are working on a replacement StuntBipe design that will be an 18" span kit. So far flight performance is impressive and it can reuse all of the components that are used in the MiniBipe.

The StuntBipe ARF Kit is a 3 or 4 channel version of the 24 inch SlowBipe.  It uses very wide elevons to provide rapid roll and pitch response at any flight speed.

We provide a method of connecting the elevators together at the tail to operate with one servo.  There is also a slot milled in the side of the fuselage to indicate elevator neutral for your first flight.

This kit is completely built and ready for paint and assembly.   Receiver Ready options will be available soon.

We recommend a 1000 mah 3 cell pack. This will give you about 15 minutes of flight.  Contact us for shipping costs to non continental U.S. locations.

Additional Items Needed to Fly

  • Radio Control Transmitter and Receiver
  • 80 to 150 watt low kv brushless motor (about a 1.4 to 2.0 oz motor works well)
  • 10 to 20 amp brushless ESC
  •  2 to 3 Servo's (Holes are cut to fit Tower Pro or Hxt 9g Servo's
  • 750 mah to 1300 mah 3 cell Lipo battery pack with JST connector
  • 8 to 10 inch propeller (depending on battery pack)
  • A battery charger for your battery pack

CG Location: 1.5 inches behind the leading edge of the bottom wing

StuntBipe Assembly Video: Link

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